Gran Canaria – El Juncal Valley- Tejeda

This January we decided to visit Gran Canaria, I needed a forest setting for a photoshoot and since we live on a very dry island we decided to head to the closest green island next to ours.

We got on the ferry and once we arrived we drove inland up through quite a few windy roads to get to the house we had booked. Our eldest daughter had seen the house on the booking pages we had been searching and she was set that that is where we should be staying. I liked the look of it and I like to follow their intuition so I agreed and she was right, it was exactly what I needed for my work and we ended up doing the photoshoot there.

We got there at night because we had missed the 6:30 am ferry from Fuerteventura. It was dark, a little bit cold compared to what we are used to, so the girls got upset because their first impression wasn’t what they had expected but they were tired after a long day driving and they couldn’t see the beautiful surroundings we were in.

The house was built at the end of the XIX century, our host explained it used to be a shop at the beginning of the 1900 where people passed by and stopped off to feed their animals. Almonds were picked in this area and sold to Cadbury in England, it was an important portion of the economy for this part of the island.

A few years ago, the house was reformed by Carlos our host who turned into a rural holiday home. I am so grateful to have been able to spend some time in such a magical spot. All rooms of the house are separate and on two floors, with a wooden balcony typical of some rural homes, so the girls had to get used to that idea although as soon as we woke up the next morning and saw the beautiful surroundings they appreciated it and told me they were happy that we had chosen the house and that they loved it.

Carlos made us feel very welcome and gave us some local goats yogurt and plum jam all home made by them, together with the freshest eggs I have had in a long time and a lettuce that they grow.

During our stay we went for walks, the kids could wonder off freely and play in the forest and explore the area without adult supervision or any dangers. Hardly anyone went past our house except some hikers at the weekend so we had a very peaceful stay away from Wifi and disconnected from everything.

The sun would come into the valley around 10 am so it was quite cold before then and when the sun went down you could also soon feel it but when the sun was out it was so hot we could stay in shorts and t-shirts.

One of our favourite walks was when we went off to see the views of Tenerife, it was an easy walk and we found a little waterfall and a natural pool with fresh cold and clean water that we could jump into and feel the cold water on our bodies for a few seconds. The girls loved this experience and wanted to repeat it the next day. On the way back we walked through the pine trees forest and it was special to us because we don’t have anywhere similar where we live.

Here are some pictures of the area so you can see what it looks like in case you ever decide to visit this special little spot of the island. I highly recommend it.