A little about me.

When people ask me where I am from I never really know what to say.

Originally from Irish and Welsh parents I grew up in Italy most of my childhood years. I also lived in France as a child and have spent 1 year in South America travelling and learning from being around local people.

I am now based in Fuerteventura since the year 2000 and I originally came here because of my love for the ocean and surfing.

My photography experience started as a kid. My uncle would always pass me down his cameras when renewing his equipment and have been taking photos ever since. There were many kids in my family, I don’t know why I was the chosen one. Or maybe I do now.

I have been working on personal projects since I became a mamma in order to spend as much time as possible with my children growing up capturing in my heart these ephemeral moments.

As a family we try and live as simply as we can. We choose to unschool our children to give them a different opportunity. Especially to be together, share their childhood and to enjoy doing what we love most: learning everyday, being outdoors, surfing , travelling and exploring the world.

I like simplicity in my life and I also like to portray this in my photography work.